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Which level do I sign up for?
See the below descriptions to see which level describes you best. If you have questions or need an assessment, ask us any time. 

Advanced Level- Understands offensive and defensive systems (e.g. knows a 5:1 versus a 6:2 and perimeter versus rotation). Knows and can execute multiple offensive attacks, either as a setter, hitter, or both. Can pass multiple 3 pt passes in serve receive, free ball defense and down ball defense. Has footwork to jump float and can serve several in a row to multiple zones. Has multiple years competing at the club level.
Intermediate Level-  Understands offensive and defensive systems. Can demonstrate passing and defensive postures and footwork. Can pass multiple 3 pt. passes with proper footwork and posture. Can serve over the net multiple times, with an understanding of zones. Knows offensive schemes and setting tempos/hitter timing. Has a basic understanding of rotation and overlap rules. Has experience playing at the club level or high school level.
Beginning Level- Has experience in camps and clinics, but no club or high school experience. Still working on passing posture/footwork/platform accuracy. Inconsistent serving the ball over the net repeatedly. Still new to hitting form/footwork/tempo and timing. No working knowledge of rotations/overlap rules or offensive/defensive systems. Please note that volleyball is a sport of positive repetitions, and that it takes a long time to move from level to level. Players will be grouped within these levels so that they are continuing to grow and develop while still enforcing a strong skill set with as many positive reps as possible. 

Youth Summer Volleyball 2020

Youth Summer Volleyball 2020


Lanikai Athletic Club (LAC) is offering an all purpose volleyball training program for ages 12-13 and 14-15*. These training sessions provide fundamental skills training in the form of: passing, hitting, serving, setting, defense, and blocking.

Players will be divided into groups based on skill level. For players who participated in this year's club season, this will be a great opportunity to improve their skills and keep in shape for the next club season. For players who are new to the sport, the session serves two purposes. First, teach the game of volleyball for those interested in learning the game in a detailed approach. Second, provide a path to join a club volleyball program, which is a more demanding approach and commitment to the sport.

Fun learning environment designed to encourage teamwork while learning and understanding the sport of volleyball. Don’t miss out!

Session duration: July 21st - October 8th, 2020

Days, Times & Location: 

  • Twice a week
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm @ Olomana School*, Kailua [MAP]
    * Important info about Olomana: Driving up to the gym before 6:15pm is strictly prohibited.
    If you arrive early, you would need to wait at the bottom of the hill (before the baseball field) until 6:15pm.

(Location, days, and times may change based on gym availability)

Payments Schedules:**

Pay in full: One time payment of $600

3 Monthly Payments: (3 x $210 = $630)
3 monthly payments of $210
First Payment is taken at checkout

Walk-ins: $30/session

* Older or younger kids will be considered on a case by case basis
** Refunds will not be issued to no-shows or to players who leave the program by their own admission. 

Price: $600.00

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Private Indoor or Beach Training

Private Lessons- One on One Privates are designed specifically for your athlete’s needs and breakdown every volleyball technique step by step through teaching and demonstrating. Private Lessons provide athletes the opportunity to work with position specialists to learn the tools, tricks and “How To” of each skill set at an intimate and detailed level that group/team settings and general coaches are not able to provide. Privates are the quickest and most effective way to develop a solid foundation, break bad habits, provide correct repetition for muscle memory development and learn 100% Technique.Privates are designed to accommodate athletes ages 8 and up. We do offer semi-privates for those situations where four athletes would bring out the best skill learning environment or convenience. Group lessons may be requested for private groups as well.

Private Beach Lessons $100 (LAC Sand Pit)
 ALL Ages 
*1 hour blocks for $100, allowed up to 4 people in a session
*Email or Call for scheduling
- ANY of our LAC coaches  

Private Indoor Lessons $100
 ALL Ages
*1 hour blocks for $100, allowed up to 4 people in a session
*Email or Call for scheduling
- ANY of our LAC coaches  

Private Strength & Conditioning Lessons $100 (LAC Sand Pit)
ALL Ages
*1 hour blocks for $100, allowed up to 4 people in a session 
*Email or Call for scheduling